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Matthew West: How To Live Authentically

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Join Dr. Judith this week on The Vault as she welcomes Matthew West, an accomplished mental health expert with a focus on mindfulness, a speaker, a writer, and the founder of Boom Journal, a well-being tech startup.
Born in Northridge, CA, and raised in Palmdale, he was inspired to pursue psychology by his high school teacher. He achieved two master’s degrees in psychology by age 24 and delved into personal growth and helping millennials manage stress. After a period of personal challenges, he rediscovered himself through mindfulness journaling, leading to the founding of Boom Journal. His mission is to empower millennials with mindful productivity, living authentically, and finding joy and inspiration in their daily lives.

Tune in for this thoughtful conversation centered around dealing with depression and anxiety, and how to maintain mindful headspace on a daily basis.

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Website: https://www.iammattwest.com
Book: Presence: Sleeping with Mindfulness

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