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Dr. Judith

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Dr. Judith is a medical media consultant who has collaborated with numerous media platforms, including national television shows like Oprah Daily, Apple TV, Today Show, CBS News and many more.

She has contributed to the creation of a Digital Emmy award-winning online series on ShareCare in 2020 with MedCircle and has also appeared on nationally recognized podcasts such as Crimeonline, Nancy Grace, Friends Like Us, and Comedy Cellar.

Dr. Judith has written for several publications, including NewsWeek, Romper.com, Parents.com, DJBooth.com, PsychiatryOnline, PsychNews, and Dr.Oz.com.

Additionally, she teaches courses on medical media to medical students and physicians at prestigious institutions such as Columbia University, New York University, and Harlem Hospital.

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Would you like to have Dr. Judith on your show or publication?

Dr. Judith
Dr. Judith is a multi-faceted board certified Psychiatrist, Media Consultant and award-winning Content Creator
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