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As a leading psychiatrist, researcher and award winning content creator, Dr. Judith is dedicated to providing you with groundbreaking insights and practical tools that are helping millions to unlock a new world of mental wealth and personal growth.
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About Dr. Judith

Bridging the gap between advanced research and real-world understanding

A Manhattan-based psychiatrist and researcher, Dr. Judith is at the forefront of mental health innovation, bringing a wealth of expertise to her practice and research. Dr. Judith has expertise in pediatric and adult mental health.


Proclamation Award from Congress

The US House of Representatives and Congress presented Dr. Judith with a Proclamation Award for my research, advocacy in the Caribbean-American community and reach on social media, Congresswoman Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick nominated and presented her with this award.


Multi-faceted  board certified Psychiatrist

She skillfully uses her clinical and research experiences to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real-world mental health challenges. Her insightful content and approachable style demystify complex psychiatric topics, making her an invaluable resource for anyone seeking clarity and empowerment in their mental wellness journey

Content Creator

Over 15 Million Views Per Month

Growing my community has been an amazing experience, and I am excited to keep creating content that helps people in a fun and approachable way. I am grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world through my work on social.

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Dr. Judith
Dr. Judith is a multi-faceted board certified Psychiatrist, Media Consultant and award-winning Content Creator
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