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Step into the world of mental wellness with renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Judith Joseph. She hosts a thought-provoking podcast where open dialogue meets expert insights, exploring life’s complexities with compassion and clarity.

Recent Episodes

Erin McGoff

Erin McGoff: How to talk about mental health in the workplace 

Dr. Jake Goodman on a graphic pink background

Dr. Jake Goodman: High Functioning Depression in Healthcare Workers

Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble: How to listen to your child

April Simpkins: How to Help Someone With Depression

Dr. Sharon Malone: Oprah and Michelle Obama’s Trusted Woman’s Health Advisor Discusses Health Tips

Dr. Jayne Morgan

Dr. Jayne Morgan: The “Weathering Affect” On Black Women

Dr. Tess Mauricio

Dr. Tess Mauricio: Skin and Hair Health Is Mental Health

Dr. Mary Claire Haver

Dr. Mary Claire Haver: Menopause and Mental Health

Dr. Michelle Henry

Dr. Michelle Henry: The Mental Health and Skincare Connection

Dr. Kelly Casperson

Dr. Kelly Casperson: Sexual Health + Mental Wellness

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Dr. Judith is a multi-faceted board certified Psychiatrist, Media Consultant and award-winning Content Creator
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