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Benita Alexander: Learning to Trust Yourself Again After Trauma

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Benita Alexander is an Emmy award-winning investigative journalist and producer who has transformed her experience as a survivor of love fraud into a powerful mission to empower other women who have been deceived. She’s renowned for her work on Investigation Discovery’s “Crimes Gone Viral,” where Dr. Judith worked alongside her for four seasons. Benita’s own gripping true crime story inspired the docuseries “Bad Surgeon,” which became the number one show on Netflix.

Benita introduced Dr. Judith to Cait Alexander, a survivor of intimate partner violence and a passionate advocate for legislative changes to protect victims. In this week’s episode, Benita, Cait, and Dr. Judith discuss one of the most famous cases that led to significant legislative change: The Nicole Brown Simpson story. Interest in Nicole’s story has surged following the recent death of O.J. Simpson.

Tune in for an in-depth conversation about survival, advocacy, and the ongoing fight for justice.

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