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Dometi Pongo: True Crime Trauma!

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On this episode of The Vault with Dr. Judith, we delve into the complexities of covering true crime as a person of color with Dometi Pongo, producer and storyteller. Hear about his unique interview style and the impact of true crime on mental health. Plus, learn some concrete coping mechanisms and grounding techniques you can implement today. Join us as we explore the intersections of media representation, trauma, and self-care. We provide tips in these podcasts because not everyone has access to the types of experts we interview. We hope that you learn valuable information and please discuss treatment with your licensed provider as this is not medical advice.

Dometi Pongo hosts True lifecrime and is a creative on many projects such as with Smithsonian and MTV.

0:00 – Intro
01:15 – Coping with trauma
05:45 – Representation in true crime
12:20 – Emotional regulation
14:01 – Grounding techniques
16:05 – Dometi’s personal coping methods
19:52 – Sensory grounding and being present
23:31 – Naming your feelings

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