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Tamsen Fadal: How to Re-Enter the Dating Scene in Midlife and Spot Red Flags

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How to Re-enter the Dating Scene in Midlife and Spot Red Flags

Welcome to the inaugural episode of “The Vault with Dr. Judith,” where we fearlessly explore mental health, relationships, parenting, and everything in between. Join Dr. Judith Joseph, a multi-faceted board-certified Psychiatrist, Media Consultant, and acclaimed Content Creator, as she leads an eye-opening discussion with special guest, Tamsen Fadal. We provide tips in these podcasts because not everyone has access to the types of experts we interview. We hope that you learn valuable information and please discuss treatment with your licensed provider as this is not medical advice.

Tamsen Fadal, an award-winning journalist, content creator, author, former matchmaker, and menopause advocate, brings her wealth of experience to the podcast. Known as the “internet’s big sister,” Tamsen’s dating advice has garnered millions of views and is loved by women of all ages. In this candid conversation, Tamsen opens up about her public divorce, challenges with dating, finding love again, and the transformative journey of getting remarried at 50.

Recorded in a former diamond district safe (yes, really!), “The Vault with Dr. Judith” sets the stage for an engaging exploration of the complexities of love and relationships. In this episode, they discuss how to know when you are ready to date after a divorce, red flags to watch out for while dating, steps to re-entering the dating scene in midlife, and effective strategies for managing difficult in-laws within a marriage.

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