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Tools To Heal Your Inner Child: Dr. Judith’s Golden Nuggets

For this Golden Nugget, you will need an old picture of yourself as a child.

  1. Acknowledge the pain that your inner child felt during a difficult time in your past.
  2. Tell your inner child that it was not their fault that they were mistreated or neglected.
  3. Say something kind or self compassionate to your inner child.
  4. Remind your inner child that they are worthy of love and respect.

This simple exercise has helped my clients feel unstuck and validate their feeling when they end up in relationships or friendships that make them anxious. When we make decisions based on fear and anxiety, we often regret our choices in the long run. Understanding where this anxiety comes from is the first step towards becoming more secure instead of remaining anxious and fearful.

Below is a picture I use when I talk to my inner child when I’m going through a hard time. I moved to the United States as a child and transitions were difficult.

Can you guess which one is me?

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